Sunday, November 14, 2010

f|break: sunday morning

toonces ... the driving cat - was actually a reference andy worked into cubeopolis about 2 weeks ago. (GOOD JOB, ANDY!) memories of SNL and victoria jackson.

this morning's fiber break is a 3-parter (if you want some bonus fiber): a ~ 3-min video clip for your real morning fiber and then the bonus includes a ~10+ min video clip of v-jack at the tea party's 2010 tax day rally and a link to v-jack's love letter to glenn beck.

enjoy your fiber break
for ~ 2-1/2-min with toonces without a cause (over here)

"look at the way he comes his hair?!"
"i hate to say it but i think toonces is involved in stealing ..."
"toonces, LOOK OUT!"

bonus (long fiber) clip: ever wonder what's up with victoria jackson? i haven't, but i remember a year or so ago i saw her on a news show supporting and praising glenn beck. and then some time earlier this year, i remember hearing she was at a d.c. rally speaking among other actors/actresses.
with the power of google and the internet
- read v-jack's love letter to glenn beck and
watch (or just listen with it in the background) a ~ 10+ minutes fiber break

"... the constitution made easy - this little booklet. and it says you can ..."
"in my 2 year education on politics ..."

anyone want to rescue the ukelele?

1 comment:

  1. Nobody hurt in the first cliff dive? That's good luck. I need some feline hubcaps.

    Nice throwback to the 1990's with this one (that was quite a time).

    Bill N.


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