Monday, November 8, 2010

r|cubicle: planning for the pre-post for the post

the answer is: cubeopolis.

the question is: where does a prep meeting for a meeting occur to plan for a pre-meeting for "the" meeting?

to celebrate this phenomena ... this post is the beginning of my thoughts about re-entering (and for now staying in) cubeopolis - after 13 years of self-employment/business ownership. i haven't quite (re)formed my thoughts, but here are a few thoughts that have been swirling and reswirling in my head ...
  • in 2007 i joined cubeopolis, and within 2 weeks (after drying the tears that collected in the hollow of my neck) i was like "what the fuh... did i get myself into?! i got some 'splainin' to do."
  • two weeks after joining cubeopolis, i took leave without pay and went leaf-peeping in VT where i made a new friend, jennifer, who i have come to learn is like a soul sister (prepping here, hanging here and there,and coming home for tail end mini-vacay) - it's about friendship like the one i have with jen!
  • a month after joining cubeopolis, i took a few days off for a weekend training where i learned about reiki and then some.
  • prior to joining cubeopolis, i had to eliminate conflicts of interest resulting in essentially putting my consulting practice into deep freeze - 8 active clients transitioned to other service providers.
  • it has been 3 years, and recently, i reminded myself about my mission, vision, and values (established when i first left cubeopolis back in 1994) and what makes me a bit unique in cubeopolis.
  • i came across the escape from cubicle nation blog - it's about being part of a corporation to becoming an entrepreneur
  • i love the movie brubaker (described in wiki, imdb, and rotten tomatoes) - the concept of change from within
  • i continue still to be interested in self-identity, ignorance, race, authenticity, and mutual fairness, so i read a variety of articles, blogs, books, yap with people, etc. absent classwork or others of whom i am unaware also as may have similar interest - my thoughts here and here, and an author, tim wise, whose books i'm currently reading.
  • and i'm just doing my other "stuff" resulting in reawakening some ideas.
  • i used to love PINK, the magazine for women, and now ... meh (but i'll still thumb through an issue)
  • i do not want to write about being an interpreneur.
  • i am not a fan of dream zappers as described by ashley.
i will work on a little more planning
for the (next) actual pre-post content

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