Wednesday, November 10, 2010

r|cubicle: pre-post for the post

(this post is a follow-up to yesterday's post over here)

the answer is:
still cubeopolis.

the question is: the same question recast - where does a pre-meeting (preceded by a prep-meeting) occur for "the" meeting?

recap (from the real cubeopolis) ... i was in the prep meeting on monday afternoon. i was not in pre-meeting yesterday morning. what does this subjectively mean in cubeopolis? i am on a lower rung (figuratively speaking) in cubeopolis. objectively stated, i was not invited (directly or indirectly) to the pre-meeting. so as might be logically deduced - i am not invited to "the" meeting - which is occurring later this morning.

recap (from the real girlnutkin) ... monday morning i wrote a blog post which was my prep-meeting - brainstorming ideas, options, etc. and yesterday morning, i had my own pre-meeting during coffee/muffin time. the objective of the pre-meeting? to narrow the landscape of context for writing posts about willingly, knowingly, and surprisingly re-entering cubeopolis. some time today, i will have "my" meeting (given i will not be at "the" meeting). meanwhile, here's the shorter list culled from yesterday's girlnutkin pre-meeting - a kind of next steps precursor to today's effort ...
  • i got some 'splainin' to do - my sept 2007 thoughts 2 weeks after i joined cubeopolis serves as a good framework for topics.
  • what makes me a bit unique in cubeopolis - in the last week of october, i wrote a cover memo for a position within cubeopolis where i reminded myself about my mission, vision, and values established back in 1994.
  • another book and blog to read - i came across pamela slim's "escape from cubicle nation" blog. when i mentioned it to my friend at work, she encouraged me to write about my perspective of re-entering what slim calls cubicle nation after having my own business for 13-years.
  • brubaker - i do love the movie (also described here in imdb and rotten tomatoes). yesterday, during one of my elevator-survey-moments, i did learn that at least one of my co-workers has seen brubaker, and he (that would be my co-worker because brubaker is a fictional movie character played by robert redford who doesn't work with me in cubeopolis) and i chatted a bit. he has been with cubeopolis for more than 20 years, so he was ripe with perspectives and spoke in terms such as system, meat grinder, circular, frustration, etc., while also speaking in terms of patience, change, challenging, and rewarding.
  • reawakening some ideas - earlier in october i mentioned a bit about my friend, kit, who is writing a book about her system, as well as some reawakened ideas to consider as part of this effort.
  • dream zappers - still not a fan of them, but i have LOTS to choose from in cubeopolis.
and two other items came to mind during yesterday's collection of thoughts ...
  • therapeutic coaching® (new item, kinda-sorta) ... no, this is not i want to become. however, during a recent emotional discussion with a friend (which actually may result in some level of unfriending, so to speak), i was told that i have this tendency to do therapeutic coaching, and she was having none of it (loosely stated). she did not need the whole positivity thing, and i cut her off during her share/stories. she's right, i did, and still thinking back, i do not know if i would have changed my choosing to interrupt her. needless to say, this has stuck in my head. maybe it is relevant to this or not; i shall see what happens today.

  • remembering jengyee (special memories item) ... as i was thinking through this re-entering cubeopolis writing idea, yesterday afternoon i realized that today - 11/10/10 - would be two years since my friend jengyee liang died of complications from lupus. (her obituary is over here and her charity over here.) my friendship with jengyee began in 2004 when we were mentor/mentee - we shaped each other's lives. as part of her february 2009 memorial service, i shared with her friends and family the back-story to the book she wrote and the back-story to a blog i started about the internship experience at my former consulting practice. (side note: my foreward to her book over here and my memorial service sharing - "no telling when i would have sat down ..." over here.)
looks like i am taking the time to sit down
(thank you, jengyee, for continued inspiration)

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