Friday, November 26, 2010

f|back (dec '08): blast from the past ... shylock revisited

thanks old friend ... stalking reconnecting is good. the initial go-to places? google, facebook, linkedin, and (likely not via land-line) telephone. (yes, i've had a few friends find me simply by calling mutual friends. go figure.) two decembers ago, anna found me after learning there are at least a hundred gals with my name on facebook, and i'm on linkedin. and thanks to facebook, anna shared her wonderful pics of her recent vegas elvis wedding. congrats on your marriage!

(repost from 12/18/08)

i LOVE pigdog (as evidenced in this post over here).
HOWEVER, second to pigdog ... is kelly - the jack russell sleeping here with the punching nun. (kelly, you ho bag ... in a precious way, though. right?!)
(SIDE NOTE: just as i have done so with pigdog - kelly has been proudly posted on my fridges of days gone by AND currently resides on my current fridge.)

why bring this up now? ...
because a blast from the past, kelly's "mom" - who nicknamed me shylock (and i don't remember why) - stalked and found me on linkedin. (it's been nearly 15 years, i'm guessing, since we last hung out after she left SD.) needless to say (perhaps), i stalked her on fbook and found her.

presuming the world isn't THAT small ...
i'm fairly certain the 7-8 folks who actually follow this blog will not recognize the other 2 gals in this photo below (...taken some time in '93 or '94 - oh my!). i barely recognize myself!!!
BUT - - - if you do recognize the other two gals ... certainly let me know because then the world TRULY IS SMALL. well, that and i'll (we'll) have to figure out what exaction i (we) may want to pursue if either of these chicas are intending to pursue a political career of sorts. just sayin' ...

thanks rainbow-glasses-shylock-naming old friend for stalking me!
you have certainly made my week.

looking forward to further "catch-up" talks & e-mails!

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