Sunday, November 28, 2010

f|break: sunday morning

one or two night-stand ... whatever-the-stand, whenever-the-stand, whyever-the-stand, and whoever-the-stand, let's just hope one didn't get mouth herpes (aka merpes). as a jaded excuse instigator of precursor to the confession merit-badge proclamation "i-have-a-hangover, i-can't-believe-i ...", a one- or two-night stand can happen anytime, perhaps, let's say, uhm, after work before a long commute or during a lunch break, right?!

enjoy a fiber break of less than 2 minutes of
a woman's perspective on one night stands (over here)
from asylum's emily*

"it's our vagina's way of saying ... you'll do."

didn't head to "over here"? then go - for quick, entertaining, and informative reading material on this subject. for the lazy ones, here are the links in emily's post - enjoy!
*(emily = my newest addition
to my security blogkets!)

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