Sunday, November 14, 2010

three search words ...

baroque + ruben + fluevog =
today i devirginized my fluevogs ...

because i get bored am curious ... i occasionally (re)stalk check who may purposely or accidentally be misled to my blog come upon, be redirected to, stalk, and/or visit me at girlnutkin. and this blog exists mainly as a place for me to (re)direct my energy, share chatter in my head or of the day, and/or have a little soap box (so thanks to those who visit).
how's that for totally not trying, mr. SEO?! ... only bummer of this little share ... the visitor didn't exit via one of three external links - joanne's love of her fluevogs, or thanks to andy - crushqueens, or pedal stomp. (go!)

meanwhile, visit here the

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