Thursday, November 11, 2010

hipmtfn (ttAR): on 16 reasons to ...

... unsubscribe to tyler's advanced riskology site ... just as i have done so other mornings (albeit before my commute to cubeopolis and after my morning exercise), this morning - a holiday from work - was no different. tyler's recent post is 16 reasons to unsubscribe from this site (click article title to read on tyler's site).

i saw the title pop up on my piece of sh**- i've dropped it one too many times blackberry and became immediately excited because i was pretty certain - sight unread - i would be forwarding his post to others. (check! done.)

and just this morning, a friend called to share her fab and not-so-fab life happens (and work can suck) experiences. part of our call was her sharing that she may quit something for which she is very passionate. immediately, october's magic 8-ball post came to mind and here's why - when i 8-balled pho queen's question, it was an excuse to share with her several websites whose content i felt would (re)inspire and resonate with her.

8-ball for my friend this morning (who is doing a little retail therapy) ... i believe that within the seven items i mentioned in my comment to tyler, at least a few will (re)inspire and resonate with her. so again, absent the actual magic 8 ball, the virtual magic 8 ball says ...

and now a little refresher from tyler's
16 reasons to unsubscribe to this site
post - here are the subset of 7 from the set of 16
for my retail-therapying-friend ...
  • 4. You do not owe it to anyone to do work that you hate. When you work on things that don’t inspire you, you do a poor job. It’s better to quit finding excuses to keep doing it so that you can move on to something better and let someone else that actually cares take over.

  • 6. Every business should do what’s right for humanity before what’s right for its shareholders. I don’t know how we got to the point where we have to choose between what’s right and what makes money, but I, for one, am interested in reversing that process in my own little way.

  • 8. Governments should keep their laws off of my body (and anyone else’s). Don’t tell me what I have to put in or on my body to stay safe and don’t tell anyone else what kind of life-changing decisions they have to make because you have an opinion on the matter.

  • 10. If we let the earth fix itself, it will do so by eliminating us. No, we don’t have to clean up our mess. Mother Nature will do it for us, but we won’t like her solution.

  • 13. The world does not need me to save it from itself. It needs me to help where I can and get out of the way when I don’t know what I’m doing.

  • 14. The water you drink, food you eat, and air you breathe should never be allowed to be owned by a private party. We can trade what is rightfully ours for money and simplicity, but we won’t like what we get in return.

  • 15. A person is happiest when they’re doing meaningful work, not when they’re relaxing. The idea that happiness is sitting on a beach drinking a margarita is mostly a myth.
and for my retail-therapying-friend, i say to her ..."i appreciate the meaningful work that you do(!), and, if, for some reason, you feel you want to quit, let me ask you please to check out tmf's the lost art of quitting and tmf's the smart ass guide to dealing with dream zappers, and consider what she poses, "If something doesn’t make sense for us, then retreating once we’ve started isn’t a sign of flightiness, unreliability or commitment phobia; it’s a sign of wisdom."

until the next AR moment ...

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