Monday, November 22, 2010

f|back (mar '06): eco-sphere mitch renamed connor

holiday gift december 2005 ... several christmas eves ago i received an eco-sphere from todd. originally there were four that were promptly named. within 3 months, there was only one. mitch, renamed connor, made it from san diego to the bay area and eventually died in its on squalor in mid-2008.

(repost from 03/11/06)
this is mitch - originally named after the gymnast mitch gaylord because this one looked like he did some acrobatic moves on the branch. he is my pet.
there were three others whom I named pee-wee, mariah, and todd. when the pod arrived in my Jan 2006 mail.
they died ... in the order i listed them.

if mitch lives long enough, he will travel with me to my future BA digs.
i have decided that mitch will sport a different name after the ReLo to the BA.

connor, from the highlander
... because as we all know,

"there can be only one"

-connor macleod.

(here him speak to you at

p.s. back in 2006, other suggestions to rename mitch included: spongekabob shrimppants, krill bill (vol. 1), codfather, jumbo, chris t. sean. (thanks floyd.)

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