Sunday, November 14, 2010

picking up some PARSley and pausing for reflection

(this post started with the intention of being a real-time-ish, snarky-bit of the annual ritual of self-proclaiming one's fabulousness. however, as i was stream-of-consciousness writing, i am now pausing it until continuing later this evening because of this.)

pars-ley defined ...
a play on the word (by andy) before this morning's farmers market routine. it is not just about the literal green stuff used for recipes but also about the figurative-ish green stuff (i.e., money).
  1. (noun from merriam-webster): a European biennial herb (Petroselinum crispum) of the carrot family widely grown for its finely dissected curly or flat leaves which are used as an herb or garnish; also: the leaves;
  2. (noun from entrepreneur): (my attribution of the "figurative parsley") An analysis of an employee's work habits undertaken at a fixed point in time to determine the degree to which stated objectives and expectations have been reached;
  3. (noun from andy): an annual cubeopolis ritual of show and tell;
  4. (verb from girlnutkin): the act of planned procrastination to prepare for an annual cubeopolis ritual of show and tell.
PARSley or just PARS ... it is a simple acronym for performance appraisal review system - the end of the year thumbs-up or thumbs-down show and tell dance in cubeopolis. (remind yourself from the performance reviews fiber break in late october) however, this morn, i have renamed it as people are really servants - lemme explain y'all.

real-time PARSley-ing ... i will blog as i PARSley, so I can at least stay focused and finish(!). while watching people navigate the farmers market crowd and smiling politely at people in the coffee house, i spent the morn and am spending this afternoon at the wi-fi coffee house prepping my pars - a series of paper work exercises - a self-assessment, a plan for my professional development, and my transmittal cover memo.

sunday morning thing ... i usually stroll the farmers market in campbell (or sometimes palo alto, oakland, or wherever) to purchase produce and flowers, to people watch and listen, and maybe to pick up more food-stuff at whole foods down the street. this morning's campbell jaunt had an added touch. as andy reminded me early this morning via text - PARSley. (i have been remiss.) so here's how i am parsley-ing out my time ... time stamp START: 10:37 AM
  • ~2+ hours spent making relatively minor revisions to the one-page declaration of next year's career goals and objectives (aka updating my professional development plan)
    • and an added ~1+ hour sprinkled-in catching up on facebook, security blogkets, twitter, and new and old/vintage music
    time stamp END: ~ 1:16 PM

  • ~1+ hours spent composing 1 of 6 parts of my multi-page declaration of fabulousness and of kick-ass-i-am-the-shiznit
    • ~30+ hour sprinkled-in catching up on more facebook, listening to all things sade, and reading tweets
    time stamp END: ~2:30 PM
... and then i came across the very sad news of my friend's husband, who died this afternoon a couple of hours ago.

PARSley is on hold for now.

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