Tuesday, November 16, 2010

use the word irregardless and he WILL cut you ...

(picture from march 2006 in san diego)

todd and i met back in 2000 ... he is THE todd in my fiction-ish story over here. (go on - do read it ... good times!)

we met when todd was a server at a fave san diego restaurant of mine. after we crossed paths at san diego's ken cinema after the margaret cho movie - i'm the one that i want - (on imdb and rotten tomatoes) ... shortly after that, he became my friend, trainer, business colleague, sushi buddy, atlantis-story-teller, and big-meat-telephone-caller.

although todd and i occasionally chat and text, i do miss todd's in-the-flesh snark, big-fancy-dictionary words, wit, and wisdom. for instance, several years ago, while i was telling todd one of my dating stories, he enlightened me about my date's ... ahem ... excuse. todd learnt me that "... "it" does NOT shrink in girth and length when a guy loses weight!"

when i saw this recent article top 100 pet peeves of servers - take your free online dining etiquette test now, i immediately thought of todd! of the 50-100 listed, as todd shared "my top (bottom?) five: 49, 28 (one-timers), 18, 16, and 32!" and here they are -
  • If you are rude, do not expect us to extend you the same service as other customers around you. If you are mean, short, or have a history of not tipping … you are immediately put towards the bottom of my list of things to do (I won’t refuse you service, even though it is well within my rights to, but I will make sure everyone else has everything they need at tables around you before I give you a second glance)
  • They ask for salt. When I deliver, they ask for another plate. When I deliver, they ask for another napkin. When I deliver, they ask for an extra glass. When I deliver, they ask for another menu. When I deliver, etc etc etc.
  • Snapping.
  • When I am clearly talking to another table and you glance up and see someone trying to get your attention or even worst, they ask you for something while you are helping another table. Also if they don’t interrupt they just stare at you. Crazy as it sounds, servers can feel you staring at them waiting to finish talking to your other table. Relax; we’ll be there in a sec.
  • Name dropping. If you’re really that cool, you don’t need to tell me, I already know. Humility, the new black.
fun times!
(hey, todd - wanna have dinner with roberta?!)

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