Friday, November 12, 2010

finally finding my amex + ticketmaster =

sade tickets ... i will be at the aug 25 show in san jose at the hp pavilion.
  • yesterday's thing - at coffee yesterday afternoon, mister-boy-working-at-specialty's asked what the acronyn "sayd" on my baseball cap meant. i told him it was a group with a female lead singer named sade. he asked if they were popular. as i started explaining, he interrupted me and asked if it was some sort of 80s band. solution? just show him the sade website. he then asked, "is that her?"

  • pre-sale amex thing - i learned about the amex presales and the "costs-as-much-as-two-pairs-of-fluevogs" VIP ticket package.

  • lesson learned thing - find a new memorable super-secret hiding place. i spent literally HOURS (last night and this morning at 4:AM-ish) looking for my amex card for presale tix so it could VIP myself.

  • time passes and shit happens thing - in between the time when a VIP hospitality package was available STILL available yesterday to the time i found the super-secret amex card hiding place this morning, said VIP package NO LONGER available. (note to self: snag a package at the san diego show.)

good thing...

i purchased tickets this morning.

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