Tuesday, November 9, 2010

today i de-virginized my fluevogs ...

my rubens hit the pavement ... and gas and brake pedals. even with the prediction of a little rain, i was not deterred to wear my fluevog baroque rubens out and about today. i loves me my fluevogs. (a little about the baroque family and about rubens)

thanks to joanne and andy who appreciated my ruben pics i sent this morning while sitting in morning commute traffic.

joanne obsesses loves(!) her fluevogs as declared over here. and as for andy - our morning text exchange yielded knowledge i cannot un-know in a "for adults" kind of way. for good or bad, i have learned about (drum roll ...) crushqueen and pedal stomp. (really? yes, really.)

thanks for the random post moment.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks (I think!) for the shout-out! Whenever SF sneezes, the rest of California will catch a cold.


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