Tuesday, November 30, 2010

food stuff for the cubeopolis winter gala ...

lunch me some veggies ... our cubeopolis team's contribution for an upcoming potluck is vegetables.

not breakfast ... no bagels, donuts, muffins, or pastries. (or pancakes)

my go-to source and inspiration ... one recipe (or maybe two) from the amy sedaris i like you: hospitality under the influence fun-tastic book. for each alphabet letter, i selected one recipe.

eeny, meeny, miny, moe ... the following are my pseudo-random recipe selections based on the index. if you have the book, i've included the (page number) and the section in {brackets} of where the recipe is listed. if a veggie recipe was not listed, i picked one, anyway (for non-gala fun). if a letter was not listed, i googly-bingd.
  • A is for ... artichokes au gratin, jennifer's (p. 129) because cheese is everyone's friend (except for those who don't eat cheese). {hospitality in action: grieving}
  • B is for ... baked sweet potatoes or yams (p. 241) because i know this may not make the list if someone else selects sweet potatoes. {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • C is for ... carrot coins (p. 57) because it sounds REALLY easy. {hospitality in action: a rich uncle comes to visit}
  • D is for ... rum punch dazzler (p. 262) because my friend piragua posted something on face book about this rum - DonQ Gold - and it's not like i can't make this some other time. {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • E is for ... egg and lemon soup (p. 260) because it's the only E recipe listed, i'm sticking to my little rule, and i already know i won't be bringing soup. {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • F is for ... fennel and arugula salad (p. 183) because they are vegetables, but i'm thinking other cubesters are tasked with bringing salads. {hospitality in action: and rabbits}
  • G is for ... green beans with toasted almonds (p. 118) because see B and because i have sliced almonds still sitting around. {hospitality in action: opening night}
  • H is for ... hot nuts, gina's (p. 131) because it's not a vegetable but sounds fun and easy. {hospitality in action: children}
  • I is for ... icy dessert (p. 170) because who doesn't like dessert? (maybe i'll add a vegetable. see B.) {hospitality in action: price chompers}
  • J is for ... there is no J, therefore, i'm going with jell-o and will choose from the kraft food jell-0 on-line source if J makes the top 5. {n/a}
  • K is for ... kourambiethes (p. 232) because i don't know what it is, i want to learn how to pronounce it correctly, and i'm going to guess it doesn't have vegetables. (note to self: make it anyway as part of washing it down with see D - assuming kourambiethes is not a beverage). {jackpot recipes: the cavity hole}
  • L is for ... lentil soup (p.259) because i know i am not going to bring soup, anyway (see E). {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • M is for ... mashed turnips (p. 241) because i love how amy has this indexed under M and not T (see B, D, H, and what's up with I?). {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • N is for ... nonny's rice (p. 240) because the other option involves cockles and clams. {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • O is for ... oven-roasted vegetables, dad's (p.242) because it sounds simple and i'm guessing there is something interesting (or not). {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • P is for ... peas and onions, gloria's (p. 45) because see C. {hospitality in action: t.g.i.f.}
  • Q is for ... there is no Q (see J), therefore, i googled "quick vegetable" and chose quick moroccan vegetable couscous (from epicurious over here) because it sounds simple and tasty. {n/a}
  • R is for ... roasted vegetables, dad's oven- (p. 242) because see O. {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • S is for ... somemores, gimme (p. 165) because i know it's not about vegetables, but i'm gonna make it anyway (for myself and others who will enjoy 'em)! {hospitality in action: gypsy}
  • T is for ... toast on a stick (p. 164) because see C (and yes, i know it's not a vegetable). {hospitality in action: gypsy}
  • U is for ... there is no U (see J and Q), therefore, i googled "uruguayan vegetable recipes" and chose pascualina (from cooks.com over here) because it has spinach. {n/a}
  • V is for ... vulgar barbecue sauce (p. 206) because i love the name (lots). {jackpot recipes: fowl}
  • W is for ... whipped potatoes with turnips or garlic (p. 194) because the other option was white bean soup (see L). {hospitality in action: cooking for one}
  • X is for ... there is no X (see J, Q, and U), therefore, i left it at i got nothin'. {n/a}
  • Y is for ... yorkshire pudding (p. 237) because two of the remaining three involved cake and the third one was yogurt spaghetti. {jackpot recipes: misc}
  • Z is for ... zuchinni fritters, paul's (p. 128) because it's the only Z recipe. {jackpot recipes: grieving}
side bar: section titles where recipes are listed include - grieving, misc, a rich uncle comes to visit, opening night, cooking for one, opening night, children, price chompers, the cavity hole, fowl, gypsy, t.g.i.f., and rabbits.

lunch you some veggies ...
i will ask a few cubesters (and anyone who leaves a comment below) -
  • select the top 5 choices from the above
  • a random (or not-so-random) 10 letters of the alphabet.
time's up, pencils down ... of the top 5/10, i will make the final selection - unless one recipe (or letter) is overwhelmingly selected over others. (and that, i doubt. really, i doubt. just sayin')

now ... what to wear for the gala?!

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