Saturday, November 13, 2010

got grits?

i'm there(!) ... and that means i will drive up to the berkeley/oakland area and meet-up with buds for breakfast for classic catch-up and laugh-uproariously memories. (and we laugh and story tell over some crazy, random, stream-of-consciousness-connect-the-dots kind of chatter like over here!) the following places are three go-to breakfast places for grits and breakfast buddy chatter. in addition to grits, all three places have tasty offerings for breakfast and brunch!

rudy's can't fail cafe ... located in emeryville on the corner of hollis and park, it serves up grits as a side order or a breakfast entree (on weekends only - hot grits, cheese, green onions, and bacon). (more about rudy's can't fail cafe, on yelp, and on urbanspoon), and it is the breakfast buds choice place for laughing uproariously.

900 grayson ... located in berkeley on the corner of 7th and grayson, it serves up carolina cheese grits as a hearty side order. (closed on sundays, more about 900 grayson and more on yelp)
today was a mild collection of chuckles with gadgetman, his chicken & waffles, my grits, and me. and breakfast food pic fun included new little toys (thanks gadgetman!) - little cell phone gummy-stick-on camera filters for the starburst and wide angle effects (from photojojo over here).

lois the pie queen ... located in oakland, it's on the corner of 60th and genoa and just kind of kitty corner to adeline street. (more about lois the pie queen on yelp). lois the pie queen serves up grits as a side and biscuits that we affectionately call "crack biscuits" - VERY tasty and addictive!

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  1. I think the place across from KFC also has grits!


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