Friday, November 5, 2010

hipmtfn (ttAR): on stating a commitment

tyler's AR article yesterday ... the simplest commitment in the world (click article title to read on tyler's site) was my go-to blogket yesterday morning. the second paragraph piqued my interest even more than the first. tyler's second paragraph goes like this -
"I take a different stance. I say the first thing you need to do is commit. Before you make a plan, before you go in search of team members, you have to convince yourself that you’re 100% committed to whatever you’re about to do. Without that, how far can you really get?"
tyler's short & sweet message ..."a promise to yourself" and "public accountability". the best part of this article is his invite of encouraging readers to leave a comment with their commitment statements. (GO. JUST DO IT! there is no bad judgment!)

vicarious living at its finest! ... i left a comment (of course!). (click image to the right. to see the "set of values" reference in my comment - over here) HOWEVER, what i have LOVED most about this are the comments. by choosing the option to have an email forwarded to me when someone replies, it is like little "pick-me-up" statements from people sharing a part of themselves - the part about what really matters to them in their lives. it's wonderful, inspiring, and motivating!

put it in writing ...
i will be (am already) sharing this article. it's something i tell friends, colleagues, and just anyone in conversation about any passion s/he is expressing - COMMIT. there is a totally different energy when you put something in writing.

doesn't hurt to say it, also ... AND a follow-on after writing your commitment - breathe in deeply, shoulders back, and just SAY YOUR COMMITMENT OUT LOUD. actually verbalize what you wrote.
thanks to tyler for providing a place
for poeple to share their commitments!

until the next AR moment ...

off to my morning commute!

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