Tuesday, November 2, 2010

cioppino in fremont (?!)

ristorante il porcino ... yes, there is tasty italian food in the east (southeast?) bay area. il porcino is sandwiched in a strip mall area, surrounded by other restaurants - japanese, indian, etc. (quite the standard variety a la strip malls often found in the tri-city area).

during the heat wave this late summer, i checked out yelp for italian back in july '10 - my first time. their web site is over here. italian during warm weather was a go-to for me when i lived in san diego. when i lived in san diego, there were several fave italian restaurants from which to choose - quite nearby was jack & guilio's in old town san diego , and dense with several restaurant options (desserts and pastries, as well) was the little italy area.

nevertheless ... my second time here? my 47th birthday (two days ago) hanging with my mom. we both loved it. and we loved the birthday (generous-portion!) tiramisu with the trick candle. nice, fun touch.

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