Saturday, November 6, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

comedy ... i enjoy comedians. nick kroll is a comedian (over here or here). and he happens to be one of several comedians i enjoy. i missed him when he was recently in san francisco. however, i do get my nick kroll fix on t.v.'s FX "the league" (over here). (note to self: see nick kroll live when he's back in northern california.)

this morning's fiber break is a three-parter, so you can choose how much fiber you want and in whatever order you want.

enjoy your fiber break with nick kroll
for about 1:30+ minutes as fabrice fabrice (over here)
Fabrice Fabrice - Renee Zellweger
Funny JokesFunny VideosDaniel Tosh Stand-Up
need just a little more fiber?
a little more fabrice fabrice for ~ 2:40 min (over here)
Fabrice Fabrice - Craft Services
Funny JokesFunny VideosDaniel Tosh Stand-Up
tail end of your fiber break ...
finish up over ~ 2 minutes (over here)
Fabrice Fabrice - Joe Jackson
Funny JokesFunny VideosDaniel Tosh Stand-Up

"... looks like marzipan"

"who do you think that david caruso strangles when he f***s?"
"... looks like if a california raisin f***ed the devil"

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