Saturday, January 23, 2010

i miss my friend ...

back in january 2006, a dear friend of mine, jengyee liang (1983-2008), wrote a book called
hello real world!: a student's approach to great internships, co-ops and entry level positions.

(repost from 01/18/2006)

Cal Bear Buddy Brings Book to Bear (soon!)

Tangent for today ... I got a great comment from Jengyee. She asked "If you feel inspired to create an intern-specific blog, I wanted to ask your permission for me to include a link to it from my book website (TBA next month-ish). I know your site would be fun."

Well, I'm flattered and will totally consider doing so!

(By the way, that stylish orange sticker ... we took the San Diego "Old Town Trolley Tour". It was pretty decent even with San Diego's June Gloom.)

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you all the foreword I wrote for Jengyee's first "soon-to-be-available, next-month-ish" book. From the foreword (below), hopefully you will appreciate what she has to offer. Enjoy!

(excerpt from "Hello Real World!")

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
- Robert Frost

When Jengyee reminded me that I offered to write this Foreword, less than one year had passed since our cathartic telephone call. I had encouraged her to write about her experience. As a result, Jengyee's insight for students and employers are expressed in this thoughtful and inspiring book about the internship experience (and beyond). She reminds others and me that work not only shapes one's career but also shapes one's life.

Jengyee and I met through the Student Alumni Mentorship Program at U.C. Berkeley. As an alumna, I wittingly knew that, when Jengyee chose me, I would have a captive audience for my college and career experience musings. Although our college majors differed, we expressed a similar passion about environmental issues. After several random talks about environmental-related careers, roommates, places to hang out in Berkeley, and dance places in San Francisco, our mentor-mentee talks quickly evolved into heartfelt conversations about enjoying life and making a difference in the world. It was during one conversation that Jengyee became my mentor - she inspired me to develop a formal summer internship program for my consulting practice.

What does Jengyee know about internships? She knows they can be fun, challenging, important and well worth the experience beyond building a resume. She has completed three summer internships with well-known corporations. She offers a genuine perspective - the job search process, unspoken expectations, challenges, balancing college and work life, and positive and not-so-positive events. Most importantly, she understands how an intern (and employer!) can create a formative internship experience. Because of her core value to make a difference in the world, she is sharing her perspective in this book.

So for those who have chosen to learn from Jengyee's experience, I am assured that beyond building your resume, your internship experience can and will enhance not only your career path but other parts of your life.

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