Saturday, October 16, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

a BUFFET of fiber ... via DASjr's collection of literal lyrics music videos. and as DASjr mentions - some links may be gone due to copyright claims. last year when i saw one of the videos for the first time, total eclipse of the heart, hooked (on literal lyrics videos, not the song)! enjoy your own choice for fiber break with literal lyrics of (over here). meanwhile ...

enjoy a 5+ min fiber break
with bad romance (lady gaga) at levmyshkin's literal video
over at funny or die (over here)

"i love sexy
must have my safety glasses
spread out atoms form gases"
that is some strange applause

enjoy another ~ 1-min BONUS FIBER
with funny bieber or die (over here)

"... and i've taken over funny or die"
"let's go get a lollipop"

now who's old enough?!
(thanks andy!)

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