Thursday, October 14, 2010

you are the stupidicus to my moronicus

affectionately known as stupidicus ... i, moronicus, have a college buddy, stupidicus, who - after 25 years - continues to rant & rave clever, witty, snarky observations at just the right (and wrong) times of life, as evidenced by some of the stupidicus wit in cubealabras ...
  • cubic-hair (ya don't say?: who put this ... in my coke?)
  • cube-capra (def: Some know it as the dreaded "environmental regulation." However, in Latin America, where the common folk are known to speak casually of "res ipsa loquitur" and "carpe diem," it is referred to simply as the mysterious, corporate life force-draining monster known as...)
  • cubicide: def - attempting death by swallowing a whole cube of Post-Its®, hanging suspended from the ceiling above the cubicle and using a paperclip noose, or asking for a raise
i digs me my stupidicus! with that ... here's a repost from nearly four years ago after a long trip to a conference in orlando, florida, where i spoke at 2006 power-gen and then became a victim of the sacramento airport luggage screwing-up handling.

(repost from 12/19/2006)
... as part of the power-gen trip saga (late november 2006) ... on the 2nd-to-the-last bullet of the saga post, i wrote:

sat morn at tower café, just as planned and back on track ... for brunch with stupidicus, for which i am his moronicus ...

why so much fun? ... stupidicus was my gal-pal when i lived in sacto. we were in the same major in college (and he passed his classes the 1st time, unlike some of us); he stuck by me when our plane had a late arrival at john wayne airport - and i had a blind date (sort of) with "the short one" (who, it was later discovered, had pink eye) - and he went around to all "the short one" guys to see which of them were there to meet me; he stuck by me with "alberto VO5"; and he showed me that napkin decision-making was a great way to pass dinner conversation. napkin decision-making and life planning at chili's - priceless!!!

Cool Slideshows

and so be the pics as evidence of the stupidicus & moronicus reunion! at tower café in sacto ... each with our own order of tower's FAMOUS FRENCH TOAST- French bread dipped in rich custard (uh ... a l'il lipitor, please) ... and a chicken apple sausage & a british banger for sharing (!)

step away from my that banger, mister sister! step away ...

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  1. I am Stupdicus Maximus, and I approve of this message10/15/10, 7:57 AM

    I see myself as your "depalination plant" -- I force all the "short ones" through my discriminating membrane, and those with the pure "water of life" pass through, while those with manecules bigger than brains are simply flushed away with the brine.

    And you thought "depalination" was going to involve a certain former Alaska guvernator, didn't you?


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