Saturday, October 23, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

this morn's fiber break experience ... this morning's fiber break has been spent emptying out my dvr'd shows to catch up on my pop culture fix, while reading up on the related pop culture blogs. this morn's fiber break of choice? project runway (PR). (where one can relive the episode 13 on-line at lifetime)

the result? ... while watching episode 13 - where the remaining four designers (who had to present 3 looks as their mini-collection) were whittled to three designers that would show their full collection at fashion week - i did a sneak peek of a couple of my go-to PR blogs with the following quotes - which gives one a good idea of what the hell happened!
  • ... a fan favorite is going to be denied that final shot at the prize and a LOT of people are going to be angry about it

  • ... the second-to-last episode is one of the most tedious for me to watch, and last nights episode continued that tradition...

  • ... criticism that the looks were too monochromatic was ridiculous ... several designers have WON showing almost entirely black collections, so the criticism was particularly bullshitty ... laura bennett made a great comparison in her blog for this episode... plopped a tiara on his head only to dump a bucket of pig's blood on him.

  • ... no one wants to wear a "despair dress" ... heidi needs to put the crack pipe down ... nina, too, needs to put the crack pipe down ... that bag is hiddy ... ticky-tacky ... color combo is a bit nauseating ... vegan hipster clothes

  • if you think Lifetime ("Television for Women") was going to let there be an all-male finale, then you are smoking buttercream silk charmeuse crack.

(pics from lifetime and T Lo site)

hence, end of this morn's fiber break ... at least i know a bit more about the designers' collection so i can prepare for this thursday's a mix of oooes, aaahs, and what the fuh?!

fiber break deconstructed ... made a bee-line for a couple of my go-to PR blog posts, tom & lorenzo's project runway posts and david dust's posts. (as a side note - tom & lorenzo's projectrungay blog - is about fashion - therefore mixed in with PR episodes are many things fashion.) if i want a little extra fiber, my next go-to-read that is right on TLo's and dust's heels is blogging project runway.

sifting T LO's rungay posts ... the labels makes it really easy to catch up on project runway. here's a little quickie road-map about projectrungay -
  • T LOunge - on the evening of the show, T LOunge serves as a place to share real-time (eastern time zone) comments while PR is airing. (episode 13 T LOung comments here).
  • episode highlights - posts include, at a minimum, commentaries on the winner, loser, and anything else noteworthy-ish, such as the loser who should not have been auf'd AND therefore the designer who should NOT have stayed. (episode 13 posts here).
  • season compiled - the blog post labels make it really easy to stroll through episode highlights. (season 8 posts here).
sifting ddust's posts ... it's all about the great recaps! frankly, just go to any PR posts by david. fun! fun! FUN!

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