Tuesday, May 10, 2011

fluevog iv

the sisterhood ... @fluevog (on twitter, web) on haight street in san francisco this past saturday, the self-proclaimed fluevog iv (aka fluevog four) sisterhood met up - some for the first time (except via facebook chats) and others just reconnecting.

[on second thought ... fluevog iv may mean fluevog Intra-Venous?! but i digress ...]

time spent in the store ...
some spent 4 hours in the store while others starting off a little more than 45-minutes. here we are with jim and denny at the haight street store - love 'em! was probably a good thing that some of the fluevog iv got hungry and others had to head back to the east bay. we'd never have left.

[in picture: shirlnutkin (moi), dorothy (on twitter, web), gladys, and joanne (on web)]

gimme fluevog ... simply put, it was a great, relaxing, fluevog-trying-on, (for some) fluevog-purchasing, and fluegasms (coined word for fluevog-orgasms).

yes - quite an afternoon of a range of emotions and expressions ...
  • excitement over meeting up for the first time,
  • professing love for john fluevog's shoes amongst ourselves, (as i have done in the past here when i broke in my rubens and here with my growing collection of sorts)
  • professing love for john's shoes with other customers, (gladys now has a southern california fluevog buddy - with the SAME shoe size!)
  • a hug fest upon the first gathering of the fluevog iv,
  • theories about whether (or how much!) happy gas is piped through the store,
  • our dealers (affectionately termed) - jim and denny - lovingly bringing out those shoes that needed to be on our feet, and ...
  • sadness over not-available-sizes in some of the fluevog iv's wish list, (oh how i will search the web for a size 6.5 in the mollie johnson)
gimme fluevog
(aka gimme ... or find me ... mollie johnson in size 6.5)


  1. Ah yes. Fun times. Admittedly, I was voghausted from all the flueversations going on. Still, so great to meet up with the lovely gal pals and our hot dealers! Aaaaannnnd... who could forget Hunkercise?! Hello!

  2. lol, Hunkercise! yes, i agree it was so fun it was exhausting! but i couldn't have asked for a better time with all of you. thanks to my fluevog sisters and the totally, totally awesome jim and denny for turning the bay area into yay area for my trip!!!


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