Saturday, May 28, 2011

i spy an almost all-nighter ...

i spy STUFF
should i really clean this shit up
before i relo-cube-alize?

cubeopolis ... until ~3:30 am and back in by ~8:30 am, this is the after-math of the near-all-nighter. i'll continue to reside in this squalor until i start to relocate on wednesday (june 1) to a coveted-by-others spot down the aisle. meanwhile, i'll add to this post later ... as i did back in april over here ...

deconstructed cube-o-rama slice o' life ... i have STUFF. let's begin with may 27 and one slice of cube-o-rama. let's i spy STUFF (roughly from left to right)...
[update on 05/29 ... from L-R-ish]
  • coffee cup 1 (of 4)
  • tim gunn bobblehead (the original)
  • soda (sprite) can 1 (of 3)
  • coffee jacket, aka java jacket (of many distributed randomly across squalor)
  • telephone headset
  • yellow sticky, small (of various sizes and distributed randomly - and not so randomly - across squalor)
  • scissors
  • bejeweled monitor
  • red pencil sharpener
  • coffee cup 2 (of 4)
  • orange
  • red flocked wrapping paper (as cubeopolis wallpaper)
  • my health month rules
  • whiteboard pen holder (with rogue "girl with raised pigtails" pen from pho queen)
  • glasses (for distance)
  • soda (diet coke) can 2 (of 3)
  • not-yet-assembled john fluevog pencil holder
  • paper-umbrella i-quit-my-corporate-job and here's-why mini-flyer, handed out during the going away luncheon
  • soda (pepsi) can 3 (of 3)
  • not-yet-eaten raspberry muffin (which STILL remains uneaten and in my backpack)
  • zen board (desk version of a buddha board)
  • coffee cup 3 (of 4)
  • to-go soda container (from chipotle) with diet coke
  • pictures and paper galore, including niece+nephew, pigdog, malia+javier, guac monster, sculpture (once at laguna art museum), tim biskup mini-cards
  • colored felt markers strewn on my desktop squalor
  • penguin coffee mug (without coffee)
  • folders under desk
  • felt marker pen holder
  • tarsier with red fez and red wine
  • printed box with girl stuff in it
  • solo cow in moonlight
  • chipotle to-go bag with 2/3-eaten chicken bowl (aka compost, later in the morning)
  • stimpy (of ren & stimpy fame - or infamy - created by john k) peeking out behind the chipotle bag
  • shoe magnets
  • pedestal desk first drawer ajar (aka the napkins collection area)
  • coffee cup 4 (of 4)
  • albert einstein bookmark (with quote "great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds")
  • hard drive
  • signed glossy (to top chefardy) from top cheftestant, ryan scott (on web, facebook, also is 3 sum eats that is at OtG here/there) - and here's the deal about the glossy ... he and top chef, season 4 winner, stephanie izard (on web, her restaurant girl & the goat, ), were featured at the top chef tour many years ago when the tour dropped by the bay area ... i've given a cubester stephanie's glossy
  • incase maroon laptop sleeve
  • magnetic container (regularly used for spices) with coveted small binder clips
  • fake roses in a coffee mug
  • some sort of writing pad (i didn't realize that was atop the shelf)
  • and ... apparently not a window cube, but that's o.k. ...
(not in picture - plant trimmings
hanging on for dear life
... and more squalor)

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