Sunday, May 1, 2011

f|break: sunday morning

be happy ... @srikumarsrao (on twitter, web) shares thoughts on being happy. as a recent add to my bookshelf, rao's book happiness at work is a great companion to my class work with the greenleaf academy and to my continued interest in one's passion.

coming across this video of rao speaking at a conference is a nice respite amidst this weekend cubeopolis crunch time. i especially enjoyed the following as he nears the closing of his talk -
"passion exists inside you ... but if you do find a way to ignite it [passion] where you are, then you will find that the external world rearranges itself to accommodate the new person that you are becoming. and as you do that, you will find that miracles happen on a regular basis. persons come up whom you're delighted to meet ... new people enter your life. it's just a breeze. because all you do in your life is you take journeys. ..."
this very much reminds me of 1994. my friend christina (@ChristinaSolstd) taught me to accept and celebrate the passion that i had back then. she bore witness to the crazy fun of my life in transition. and once again, i am able to share with christina the (re)emerging passion with which i have which i have been reconnecting as i shared in one word. for whatever reason i came across rao's book, i am glad to have done so and will enjoy the process and the journey as it evolves.

enjoy a fiber break with srikumar rao (over here)
for a total of ~ 18:30 + minutes
parts 1 and 2 below

the outcome is completely outside your control ...
invest in the process
is this the journey i want to take?

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