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magz silver lining tips ...

missin' magz ... also known as silver lining, margaret (or magz) was nicknamed silver lining (or SL) while she had a summer internship with us back in 2006. magz ALWAYS had a great silver lining approach with a few good, healthy moments of snark.
[pic L-R: amabelle, margaret,
moi, todd at influx, san diego]

tips for other interns ...
SL had a few tips for other interns, and in fact, her tips simply remain no-nonsense in the workplace - well, depending on the workplace culture.

(repost from 02/12/2006)

SL Tip #1: on the socratic approach

My tip? Just answer the question.
(I mean that in a good way!!)

- SL (aka Silver Lining)

SL's tip is a good one for our socratic approach for our interns. it's really that simple. remember, we can't read minds.

(repost from 01/28/2006)

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.
- Socrates
TEACHING BY ASKING QUESTIONS ... One of the different characteristics of our internship program is our approach - a Socratic approach. We didn't purposely set out to do this; it evolved out of our realizing we enjoyed the internship program when we were in "teacher" mode. It's one thing to tell interns to do a task and give them details about getting to the right answer. It's another experience to encourage interns to approach a task by understanding the goal, developing and executing a plan to complete a task, and asking questions about their accomplishing the goal. Critical thinking is important in the work-force. And frankly, because of my curious nature, this whole Socratic thing is a bit unavoidable.

WHAT IS IT ? ... google and see what ya get? Just a few here - Wikipedia's description includes a description of method and application. Interestingly, the last item in W's blurb is "Socratic Method in Psychotherapy ... It can be used to clarify meaning, feeling, and consequences, as well as to gradually unfold insight, or explore alternative actions." (Later on that, maybe.) I like the "difference between dialogue and debate" on StudyGuide. And I'm certain that those with whom we have had as interns have heard several questions we have asked from the Socratic Questioning Cheat Sheet. Those who have interned - we did NOT have this cheat sheet, really. But you've likely heard many of these questions.

A GOOD PRIMER FOR FUTURE INTERNS ... From my web search, the socratic questioning highlighted on this site is a good primer for anyone interested in our internship. The types of questions you would hear from us ...
  • conceptual clarification
  • probing assumptions
  • probing rationale, reasons, and evidence
  • questioning viewpoints and perspectives
  • probe implications and consequences
  • questions about the question
For some interns, it may take a while to become comfortable in such a work setting, particularly if you expect an internship experience where you are just "resume building". It's an investment on our part to take on interns - and we hope that interns will also see our approach as in investment in their professional development.
hope you are doing well, magz!

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