Saturday, May 21, 2011

f|break: saturday morn

peace me! ... @wongfupro, during this month of celebrating asian american and pacific islander heritage, enlightens us about the "V" sign or what evolved into at least the peace sign.

wongfu productions (on web, twitter, youtube, facebook) and faobe gives shiny penny andy and me a new past-time with PPA or photographic posing accents. shiny penny andy and i are thinking an activities category should be added to the PPA-W (wide) set - one that captures the gimme fortune cookie pose and other "gimme" poses shown in the picture, but first ...

... enjoy your fiber break with this mockumentary
for ~14+ minutes from wongfu productions

"... but something strange happened among east asians,
... china, japan, taiwan, hong kong, and south korea "

"i don't know. but it's cute, huh?!"

"unfortunately, some of our PPAs have not
been as successful as others"

"educational outreach program ... ethnic groups ...
share their cultural PPAs"

PPA ... this acronym is GREAT for us to describe the cuboga (cubicle + yoga) "gimme ..." poses that i've been doing here and there for no reason other than to do the pose for fun.

why are you grabbing your leg? ... when often asked this while striking the gimme pose, sharing the genesis of "gimme" ("we were on a conference call, and then ... coffee, but shiny penny andy was being evil-ish in a good way and said, ... yoga dancer pose ... stretch, ... fluevog, ... cubeopolis, ... blah-blah, ... yawn) is more than a 30-second blurb. (i even get tired of describing it, and i talk as if words are going out of style.)

gimme ... = bastardized version of the dancer pose in yoga. (google it) even with pants, i've chosen not to go the major vajayjay-dancer-pose because ... well, really, do i need to 'splain?

nevertheless, until now, shiny penny andy and i only had the genesis story for describing the pose.
that is no longer the case -
thanks wong fu for "PPA-W"!

PPA-W ... from wongfu's POSER! video, shiny penny andy is thinking gimme can be inserted anytime after the 9 min, 36 second mark where PPA-W is introduced - "bigger, more outlandish poses" - i agree wholeheartedly, AND i think that a category called "activities" can (and should) be added. activities would be those poses normally associated with ... well ... activities. in this case, gimme is yoga-esque.

PPA-W activities ... based on the mild number of gimme poses, it looks like gimme activities include: eating, shopping, drinking, etc. and i'm thinking a new pose may be "cowbunga ..." where the pose is reminiscent of surfing.
regardless, i'm going to PPA-W this weekend
at artMRKT, possibly at artPad
possibly at ice cream at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous


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