Saturday, May 7, 2011

class with @greenleafcenter

the servant as leader ... just a quick post after finishing this morn's class. (yes, those are my book darts!) at the end of each class, we are asked to share one word - i (and another classmate) both shared -

- and honestly, for me, this word just barely scratches the surface to express the amount of deep thought and reflection that is part of this class. i love it! as mentioned about the ten characteristics in previous blog post, it is wonderful to be among people also experiencing and/or learning about servant leadership.

and today, i realize i have been part of the life of a spirit carrier ...
stepping out into the world today ... now then - time for keeping the rest of the day going - more cubeopolis-work, builders booksource for shiny penny andy errand, breakfast bud meet-up at rudy's, more cubeopolis at whatever wi-fi equipped coffee house, meet-up with the fluevog sisterhood (though gladys not in pic) at fluevog, coco-luxes yip-yap ... and

... reconnecting with the
liangs and others ... over thai food at sala thai. the liangs came up from southern california to celebrate awarding the first jengyee scholarship at the u.c. berkeley ieor annual award ceremony this past thursday.
spirit carrier ... jengyee, simply put, was (and continues to be) an inspiration. she died at the age of 25 years with lupus in november 2008 (in memory of jengyee ...). click on the pic to learn a little more about my friendship with jengyee and about jengyee's charity. she even wrote a book for college students preparing for the transition to the "real world" of employment (hello real world! a student's approach to great internships, co-ops, and entry level positions), which i had the opportunity to write the foreword.
(picture from february 2009)

In my view of the world, there are people
whom I would call spirit carriers…
those servants (who) find the resources
and make the intensive efforts to be an effective influence.
This spirit is power, but only when the spirit carrier,
the servant as nurturer of the human spirit,
is a powerful and not a casual force.

-Robert K. Greenleaf

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