Sunday, May 15, 2011

fluegasm ...

@fluevog ... fluevog + orgasm = fluegasm (by joanne), which is loosely defined as an excited pee-in-your-pants or oopsie-seat-cushion-event or do-i-have-to-dry-clean-this, which is somewhat related to occurring ...
  • ... when you give it to yourself - while (or after) seeing the artisanal fluevog(s) of your choice that your feet want need already know you are going to purchase,
  • ... when the store dealers folks (like the one's over here) or the online dealers shop (over here) give it to you - after trying on and/or purchasing that special pair(s),
  • ... when it's a group-frenzy thing - let's leave it at that.
today is THE 41st anniversary and the day where regularly priced in-store purchases are 15% off, ground shipping is free for online purchases (in u.s. and canada), and every 41st online purchase is free. (also, there are other specials from participating merchants over here - including goorin bros.)

and yes, since last summer, i've added five pairs to my pool o' fluevogs (over here), which i shall post about later. meanwhile, for the fluevog iv (over here), a haiku for the day ...

john fluevog today
haight street?! bay to breakers boo ...

(in other words,
not heading in to the city today
to get shoes signed by the man. oh well ...)


  1. This is definitely a fluegasm worthy post!

    Um, I thought you added SIX pairs! (guide, alli, promise, kilimanjaro, elif, and gracias) Not trying to rub it in. I just want to make sure all kids are present and accounted for:D

  2. five ... the black gracias for my mom.

  3. Yaaay! You got your mom a pair!

  4. yes, love love love! thanks for sharing this, shirl. i laughed out loud!


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