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rogue share for ...

shiny penny andy ... my inspiration, pseudo-muse, and partner-in-crime instigator, shiny penny andy is the inspiration behind cuboga and "gimme ..." and many other frivolities. and during the month of may, which happens to be asian-pacific american heritage month, i'll share more about andy as he shares about himself. but first ...

... my rogue share - with a bit of a formulaic approach that shiny penny andy is privy ...
I’m a child of ‘60s, born in the southeastern united states and raised as a navy brat (in the states and iceland). having come to the bay area in the 70s, i was schooled in the public system with many other kids. i then went to a private school with many other kids, spending time in the east bay among a multi-cultural patchwork of western and eastern cultures - although predominantly western.

after high school, i went to u.c. berkeley after the years of social protest and when the filipino-americans were reaching parity. i studied my ass off (although not always successfully and for the duration of 5 years in the chem e department - ouch!) while i also participated in a cal student organization, pilipino american alliance, where i danced the tinikling and other filipino folk dances for a couple of social-cultural nights (when they were still in the ballroom vs. zellerbach). at one point, i did participate in a bit of a sleepover protest related to apartheid (for which i was not arrested).

figuring i eventually needed to get a job, i went to a bunch of job fairs and eventually came across a federal government opportunity at a job fair held at u.c. davis; i got an interview and a job offer, resulting in working in a san francisco office as a fed government employee. my initial foray into the government was brief - kind of a year and a half. i moved onto the private sector where i spent several years in consulting at a couple of firms - first in northern california and then in southern california. i then worked in the utility industry for several of years in san diego, until i had an epiphany in 1994 (a little shared here through reflections from greenleaf reading, here through intro in greenleaf class, and here through reverb10 "one word"). i wrote up my mission | vision | values. that is when simply quit my job with no "next step" carved out, other than planning my last day to be within a pay period - my last day being the anniversary of the federal clean air act. (the accounting department was a little annoyed at the mid-pay-period departure.)

on my first day of voluntary unemployment, (a) i drove up to orange county (california) for my first contract position, (b) i didn't wear pantyhose or a bra - unlike my former corporate job, and (c) i started thinking about how to engage my mission | vision | values. thanks to the initial inspiration of several solo business owners and small business owners, and thanks to many firms that didn't hire me because they thought my ideas of the future of the electric industry was crazy, i spent 13 years successfully serving as a consultant to those needing assistance with their air quality, energy projects, and environmental communications activities.

i started my business in the 90s, serving a variety of private and public sector clients and volunteering for various organizations. i liked the first-hand experience of running a business, working with people i respected, seeking interesting projects, traveling and speaking, and improving relationships among those involved with strategic environmental decision-making. ultimately, i decided to move back to northern california to be closer to family and to maintain my practice. however, in 2007 i put my business on-hold and re-entered the government system with the intent of continuing to engage my mission | vision | values. i am now a staffer at a government agency in san francisco - i work in cubeopolis - i am now a cubester.

every now and then, i reflect - for me, i believe strongly in the following (also shared here) -


The person who is a master in the art of living makes little
distinction between their work and their play,
their labor and their leisure, their mind and their body,
their education and their recreation,
their love and their religion.

They hardly know which is which.
They simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace in whatever they do,
leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing.

To them, they are always doing both.

- where work is an expression of my life's passion. i am told by other cubesters that they are thankful for my excitement in engaging my mission | vision | values, and i also am told by other cubesters that work-is-work and that's all. where for me there may be a confluence of work and life - all i ask of myself and ideally hope for others at work is engaging the golden rule -
treat others as you would like to be treated
- and for me, i am challenged daily to remain connected to my values and principles (part of the 1994 epiphany moment)
The CATALYST’s VALUES are based on the following RELATIONAL ELEMENTS:
  • Catalysts RESPECT that an individual is a member of multiple COMMUNITIES – FAMILY, SCHOOL, FAITH, EMPLOYER, TOWN, NATION, and WORLD.
  • Catalysts ENCOURAGE each individual to be RESPONSIBLE for his or her community.
  • Catalysts CHALLENGE each community to be ACCOUNTABLE to each individual.
  • Catalysts APPRECIATE each individual in a community is UNIQUE yet shares common goals.
  • Catalysts ACKNOWLEDGE that each community has a FINITE mix of individuals.

it is important to me to be part of a community that shares similar principles and values. i have seen the success of respectful and mindful communications in often divisive and litigious circumstances. and i have seen the hurt and sadness of those affected by difficult decisions and events.

as i am now pondering my querencia, i am looking forward to what events, activities, people, and simple moments come my way - so that i am aware and accepting that such experiences truly are opportunities to master the art of living.

nevertheless, whether work-is-work to allow for one to live or work is an expression of one's play - in cubeopolis, i have seen adults act and behave in mannerisms i am fairly certain they would not want their own children to act or behave.

how will you engage in life?
what are you ready to choose?
who is around you that is a teacher?
where can your talents be celebrated?
when will you start?

girlnutkin is just a prolific writer and a quirky chick. the formulaic bantering shared in this post is that of the author - dedicated to shiny penny andy. the banter is not a message to cubeopolis or cubesters - except for ...

thanks shiny penny andy
for making cubeopolis funner!

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  1. although filipino, i have no comment about the oil spill or tsunami.


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