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ten characteristics ...

servant-leader ... @greenleafcenter our second class (of five classes) is next saturday. the servant as leader is one of several readings among others provided as part of class work -
which includes -
  • a suggested frame for thinking about the servant as leader
  • a wonderful compilation and perspective of the core message of robert greenleaf
  • questions as the beginning of an autobiographical prompt for us to think about our experience of being served and serving
  • greenleaf's credo and its evolution through three decades
  • kent m. keith (current greenleaf center CEO) on the characteristics of servant leadership (with other keith's articles over here)
  • ten characteristics of servant-leadership (which also is described by the former greenleaf center CEO, larry spears, in this article)

sharing from my class work ... the following is an excerpt from a class wiki page i created yesterday morning. to the extent i may post on this girlnutkin blog some of what i share in class, for the most part, the class wiki will likely be the primary place for exploring the ten characteristics. i am hoping that others in class also will share experiences and thoughts about the characteristics -

PURPOSE OF THIS PAGE - will have links to past blog posts ... specific for my learning and understanding the ten characteristics of servant-leadership. and i came across larry spears 2004 article ... from Leader to Leader, a publication of the Leader to Leader Institute and Jossey-Bass; Spears, Larry C. "Practicing Servant-Leadership" Leader to Leader. 34 (Fall 2004)7-11.

learning the ten characteristics of servant-leadership ... in preparing for the 2nd class on may 7, i am sifting through my blog posts of the past (and as i write them, of the present) to see what expresses the learnings of the characteristics of a servant-leader - and perhaps more importantly, where i may have missed the mark - maybe i didn't listen or seek to understand, i may have been stuck in a day-to-day mentality, etc. also, i read - voraciously. i listen - vicariously. i talk - vivaciously.

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BACKGROUND THOUGHTS FOR STARTING [wiki] PAGE ... i have come to find that many of my previous blog posts/writings at the various blogs i have kept -

  • girlnutkin in the BA (since 2010),
  • the predecessor blog (nov 2007-oct 2009) relo'd to BA from SD (marking when i moved from san diego to the SF bay area),
  • its predecessor blog (jan 2006-oct 2007) relo-ing from SD to BA (marking when i first started blogging thinking i'd do so only to document my planned move from san diego to northern california), and
  • and a separate blog specific to an internship program i had at my business (jan 2006-oct 2007) REALITY: Intern (aka r|intern) ...

- - these blogs have sprinkles of what we are learning in class. i can see how my thoughts dovetail or are somehow related to the reading assignments and reflections resulting during from our class reading. and for my current blog (and with the past blogs), each post is a thought i came across - perhaps that morning, the night before, during a conversation with friends, whatever the source - therefore, i don't quite plan my posts. sometimes i may have a little 'backlog', sometimes i'm not in the mood to post, or sometimes i post filler (like about my car woes). therefore, as much as what i post appears random to others, the randomness is simply what i've decided to post for a given day.

teach to learn ... although through the years i have read books related to servant-leadership, quite a bit related to business and self-improvement, and many magazine/newspaper articles infused with servant-leader learning, there is much to be said about teaching to learn. i remember this teach to learn as part of when i was going to college and being tutored, when i chose to tutor folks, as part of 7 habits, and when i hear myself sharing learnings. and needless to say, the most powerful (for me, at least) is the experiential aspect ... when i also may be in teacher mode and realize that i am, in fact, the one learning. i found from a covey tweet -

  • 5 reasons to teach: to learn better, to motivate you to live it, to increase your ability to listen, to legitimatize change, and to bond.

posts as related to greenleaf class ... i still maintain the blog label/tag greenleaf for class related posts. and while i thought i might have a post (maybe once every 2 weeks or so) that is specifically and only dedicated to class-related activities, i am seeing that i constantly think and feel (if that makes sense) much of what we are reading and writing as i go through my day (and as i have gone through in my past years). this wiki is a place to organize my thoughts as inspired by the 2nd class reading assignments.

time to do more reflection and reading -
read voraciously
listen vicariously
talk vivaciously

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