Tuesday, May 3, 2011

f|break: tues early morn

i CRUSH on ... @sethmeyers21 @craigyferg. for now, let's talk some seth (on twitter, nbc's SNL ) - the reason why i dvr saturday night live (on web), unless i'm home on saturday night then i'm hunkered down around the midnight hour for weekend update (on twitter).

(image from nbc's SNL page)

yip-yap time ... with the 2011 white house correspondents' association (on web) and their annual dinner (over here), it was all about seth this year. in 2008, it was about craig ferguson - my other crush. yeah ... i crush here and there.

how fun would it be to have seth with craigyferg?!
someone make that happen!
meanwhile ...

enjoy a fiber break with seth meyers (over here)
for ~ 21 minutes at the white house correspondents' dinner
(thanks CSPAN for having this clip available)

(go spend the 20-ish minutes picking out your seth gems...
well worth the 20-min break)

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