Friday, April 29, 2011

my old obsession ...

book darts ...

i loves reading ...

i LOVE book darts ... and apparently other do as well (on facebook). i first spotted book darts at san diego's technical book store many-many years ago, i seek these little guys out out whenever i step into a bookstore - and let me clarify - an independent book store. (i've not seen these puppies in the big box stores.) sadly, many indie book stores, which carried book darts, nearby my home have closed-up shop, but there are a few sprinkled about here and there.

i DRIVE to get book darts ... now that i'm in the bay area, builders booksource on 4th street in berkeley is my weekend GO-TO for my old obsession fix (and my new obsession) AND my design fix so i'm not always stocked-up on book darts, but i'm stocked up enough. and if i have that hankering during the day, san francisco has several stores that carry book darts.

i REMEMBER better with book darts ... as a voracious reader (where books are my retail therapy-lite), when i'm reading any form of non-fiction (esp. business, self-help, biographies, reference, how-to guides) and fiction/literature (for awesome quotes) and ted chiang (and like-kind authors for fascinating premises), i gots me my book darts!

i must LIBRARY with my book darts ...
when i'm not doing the book store retail therapy, book darts are a must for library books. so my next visit to my local library, i'll be book darting.

want book darts?
let me know so i can have an excuse for share them,
but first i should purchase ...
(or just ask me for some from the little tin in my purse)


  1. I share your love for these simple but elegant devices. Here's my take on the Bookdat:

    1. edward, thanks for sharing! loved reading your post.


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