Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shiny penny's stretching ...

dollar-stretching ... discount ~ coupons ~ deals ...

shiny penny andy ... my cubeopolis buddy is THE GO-TO person for deals. he is the one who regularly let's us know about all the different discount deals rammed down our throats promoted by discount-giver-uppers (or something like that).

as a for instance ... with my love & lust for mr. and mrs. miscellaneous (over here), it was fun to see that there was a 30% discount from blackboard eats a while back, a provider of discounts specific to deals at restaurants.

it's contagious ... as a result, several other cubesters are addicted are a bit obssessed hoard-lite take advantage of deals. i've done so just a few times (so far), with supperclub being the most recent outing through bloomspot. a couple of friends got a deal on speedLA dating through gilt city which they'll be taking advantage of sooner than later.

monday eve's purchase ... through groupon, i'll be checking out some improv shows (for fun homework) at oakland's pan theater (before the end of october 2011, of course).

oh ... and thanks, yipit, for
doing some of the sifting!

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