Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my little addiction ...

books ... i love to read, but more so, i enjoy going to the book store for my down time, especially after some sort of intense information processing - preparing for taxes, researching data, receiving emotional news, cranking on my cubeopolis project, or simply participating in my saturday class.

my retail therapy ... for some reason, walking through stacks, searching for a book or three, and reading book jackets of books i may read AND those that i would normally not read quiets my mind somehow (or maybe just allows me to process information differently - who knows?!).

and along with books, as shared in #10 of my 25 blah-blah things, i've dabbled in the more conventional retail therapy for wallets, purses, or shoes (fluevogs, of course), as well. (fortunately, i have been curbing the purse tendency with my little policy of buy one purse, release two purses.) but i digress.

bookcase buddies ... new, used additions (via half price books) to my bookcase (and nightstands, coffee table, end table, ...) - a somewhat random collection of books - two books which i was looking for, one i've thought about getting, and others that caught my cubeopolis-eye and may or may not be relevant at this time -
random? ... perhaps. looking forward to seeing which books are keepers and which will be passed along.

1 comment:

  1. Next time you find yourself book-looking add The Prize by Daniel Yergin. Everything is about oil. The book is log and won the Pulitzer Prize.

    Billn in VT


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