Wednesday, April 6, 2011

got servant leadership? ...

foundations ... with @greenleafcenter and other participants, this saturday morning will be my first of 5 saturday morning classes in the foundations of servant leadership in the coming months with the greenleaf center for servant leadership.

blog post introduction ... although i did provide a short bio and a few comments on our course wiki, i figured i also would share a little more through my blog.

synchronicity ...
in 1999 while i had been running my consulting practice for about 5 years, another small business owner, ron, introduced me to
joseph jaworski's synchronicity: the inner path of leadership. ron and his management team and staff were given several books to read as part of being on a consulting team for a relatively large, international corporation that was preparing to expand their business to include cleaner energy sources such as renewables. jaworski's book, among several others, was mandatory reading. i was very intrigued that this kind of team building and foundation was happening as part of a consulting project. and although i was not part of that consulting team, ron's recommendation to read the book was enough for me to give it a whirl.

my leisure reading ... i took jaworski's book with me as part of a little 10-day vacation in July '99 - the first real vacation since leaving corporate america. part of my reason for leaving corporate america? my 1994 epiphany.

during my vacation, i was fascinated by what i read. and while jaworski mainly discussed his path, journey, moments, and insights, he also provided a bounty of resources and references - quite the bibliography. as a result, my book collection grew over several weeks. and even with my consulting practice on-hold, i certainly enjoy and continue reading various business, self-improvement, philosophy, and the occasional woo-woo books that, it turns out, are quite in line with servant leadership principles.

getting started ... at this point, all i can say is that i am
intrigued and excited about engaging in this program. because i signed up a little later than i had intended, i am power-(re)reading don frick's robert k. greenleaf: a life of servant leadership, which i received this week, along with other class material. (thank you!) and as inscribed on a ring that i wear -

be the change you want to see in the world

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