Friday, April 15, 2011

f|break: friday morn

design ... creativity. this morning, i thought of my friend, tanya (founder of artefact), then i remembered i had posted a little about my design fix some time last year, which included a tidbit about my little crush on ...
risd (rhode island school of design) ... for obvious reasons (over here). and the president of risd, john maeda, is tweeting @johnmaeda, and he blogs at creative leadership (over here).
... so i decided to just do a quick visit of his tweets and found one of his presentations at TED (about TED over here) on his thoughts on simplicity. (note: some may find this quite a random walk & talk.)

enjoy a little chat-at-you fiber break with john maeda (over here)
for ~17+ min at TED on simplicity

the laws of simplicity ... from his book (on mit press), he shared ten laws and 3 keys.
Law 1: REDUCE. The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.
Law 2: ORGANIZE. Organization makes a system of many appear fewer.
Law 3: TIME. Savings in time feel like simplicity.
Law 4: LEARN. Knowledge makes everything simpler.
Law 5: DIFFERENCES. Simplicity and complexity need each other.
Law 6: CONTEXT. What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral.
Law 7: EMOTION. More emotions are better than less.
Law 8: TRUST. In simplicity we trust.
Law 9: FAILURE. Some things can never be made simple.
Law 10: THE ONE. Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.

Three Keys
Key 1: AWAY. More appears like less simply by moving it far, far away.
Key 2: OPEN. Openness simplifies complexity.
Key 3: POWER. Use less, gain more.
time to ponder simplicity in cubeopolis

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  1. Two thoughts.

    1. Stuffwhitepeoplelike includes TED.
    2. That is a great list, especially Learn.

    Bill N


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