Monday, April 25, 2011

happy hour gamer dude ...

metroid ... completely unrelated to my little chiang post (over here) but about the virtual world (enough so), when i came across chiang's story, it was shortly after a friday happy hour. i asked a t-shirt wearing guy what the logo on his shirt was all about.

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rather than directly answer my question, here is the boring chatter dribbled (with a VERY FEW embellishments because it was pretty boring) -
  • me: hi ... what's that symbol on your shirt?
  • t-shirt guy: do you play video games?
  • me: not as often as you probably play them. so what's the icon all about on your shirt?
  • t-shirt guy: well, if you played video games ...
  • me: really?! maybe you can just tell me. does it count if i read books, sci-fi books?
  • t-shirt guy: no. and read?!
  • t-shirt guy's friend: dude, just tell her already. dork.
  • me (also thinking "dork"): uhm ... yeah, just tell me.
  • t-shirt guy: metroid. look it up on wiki.
  • me (to his friend): uhm ... right.
  • t-shirt guy: hmmm.
  • mike (my friend): hmmm. let's go eat - caffee sport.
uneventful as that chat was, i did learn about metroid (via wiki), being the curious person that i am. although it has NOTHING to do with chiang's story, there is the virtual world aspect ... and perhaps a lame an opening line to trying to pick up on meeting someone - with a pop culture t-shirt or any shirt.

excuse me, is that a hipster plaid shirt? or just a shirt?

(okay ... i just wanted an excuse to post a pic of the t-shirt.
reminder - no need to ask that question again.)


  1. Dorks are notorious for being socially challenged... Poor boy. I think I will have to take on the task of educating them if I ever write that book about dating...

  2. Shirlsd needs a much smarter person to be able to keep up with her. Boys who invest many many many hours playing metroid (is that like metrosexual?) have no chance. She needs John Galt as a boyfriend (in case anybody cares Shirlsd read the book years ago, so check yourself before accusing her of sering some movie).

    Bill N in VT on the way to NYC


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