Wednesday, April 13, 2011

f|break: wednesday morn

music ... me likey @dcfc. and 'cuz i was slow on the trigger, i missed out on tix for their june show at the fillmore. (sad face + tear) however, last week, death cab for cutie (over here on their web, on facebook, on twitter, on youtube) premiered their video for you are a tourist.

[image from death cab for cutie,
photo by danny clinch]

in an article on mashable (over here) which includes an interview of bassist harmer, dcfc's premiere for this song is "... as a scripted, one-shot, livestreamed affair." in mashable's post of the ustream, in addition to the performance of the song, it's neat to see the prep work.

enjoy the longer ~ 24 min ustream video over here
and the official video by death cab for cutie over here and right below

oh well, now, i'll live vicariously
through friends who see
their SF concert in june

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