Sunday, April 24, 2011

f|break: sunday morn

doctor who ... the new season of doctor who (on web bbc uk, web bbc america, facebook) has started. (thank you bbc america!) so - i plopped myself successfully on my couch saturday evening to get my doctor on with the season opener - the impossible astronaut.

[image from bbc america site]

and while STILL catching up on my DVR backlog, caught up on craig ferguson - and a recent episode had karen gillan, aka amelia "amy" pond.

enjoy a fiber break with karen gillan (over here)
for ~ 8:45 min in her appearance with craig ferguson

spoiler quote... from the impossible astronaut - "Code name: The Doctor. These are my top operatives: the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs. Robinson.”

BONUS - craig and a dalek (over here)
for ~ 3+ minutes

what's a dalek?
here on wiki

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