Monday, April 18, 2011

love the author ...

ted chiang ... i was introduced to chiang several years ago by my friend, debbie. she shared stories of your life and others with the quick read of one of the stories - understand (over here).

gifting ... since reading this story and other chiang stories, i have gifted this book to several friends - whether or not one is interested in science fiction. used book story browsing? if it's on the bookshelf, the store will be less whatever number of copies were on the shelf.

a few stories on-line ... turns out, several stories are available at free speculative fiction online (over here) where you can read or listen to a podcast, depending on the story. go. go now. NOW.

recent novella ... i forgot how and why i recently came across chiang's recent novella - the lifecycle of software objects (also on-line) - but i did. and i enjoyed the read - so much that the book may need to keep my books company (must purchase over here). here are a few of the illustrations by christian pearce (over here) in the making part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.
"The virtual world acts as a
global village for raising the digients,

a social fabric into which a new category of pet is woven."

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