Saturday, April 16, 2011

tonight i want it longer ...

improv ... @MadeUpTheatre (MUT on web, twitter, facebook, youtube), in fremont every THIRD saturday of each month, five play improv (on facebook) performs long form improv.

PEE! (aka LAUGH!)

this evening ... tonight, i will be checking out five play improv's show for 3 reasons (in no special order, of course):
  • FUN and FUNNY got longer - i've seen members of five play improv at laugh track city (LTC) the local version of a kind of whose line is it, anyway? short form improv format. (i must share that many years ago i had a chance to be part of a taping of several episodes of the british version - fun times!)

    want it shorter? or longer? LTC performs on the FIRST saturday of each month. meanwhile, five play improv performs on the THIRD saturday of each month.
  • my retail therapy alternative OR reward - for $10 (yes, ten!) ... it's a great evening either as an alternative to retail therapy (... instead of investing in shoes, purses, books - what?!) or a great reward to a fine day of retail therapy. for tonight's show, it shall be an alternative (i think ... the day is still very young and fluevog is whispering.)
read the obvious print (bullet #4) ... after the 1st class of MUT B, there was mention of a show for family and friends. note to self - read class description. i missed that part after the 1st set of classes, thinking any kind of performance would happen much more down the line, as in not part of MUT B. d'oh.

show of MUT B folks ... so at some point, after our last class on may 23, there will be a show. (i wish my peeps from VT could see the show.)

in for the long haul ... show/performance yikes aside, i'm in for the duration. although my initial reason for taking the class was more about exploring spoken word, i quickly realized (1) this is NOT necessarily the format, and (2) this IS NOT that painful (most of the time). why am i sticking with it? simply put - it's something i normally would NOT do, seek, or feel comfortable about doing so - on stage ... performing? i guess i'll never say never.

enjoy a grand opening fiber break
with five play improv for ~ 15 min (over here)

"i'm a man, i can touch you"

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