Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hipmtfn: and to end my commute each monday ...

improv ... i have signed up for an improv class over in the east bay. i know - surprise! (i'm surprised.)

made up theatre has an 8-week beginning improv class starting on jan 31.

traffic chat ...
thanks to an SD friend for this morning's commute conversation. as i was sharing my megalomaniac-double-secret-handshake idea, he envisioned some sort of spoken word, stand-up kind of approach - and not necessarily just my writing and blogging. given i have never done any kind of spoken word (except for conference presentations - and those don't quite count), acting, or role-playing (except for ... well, never mind), this class should be lots of fun.

megalomaniac-double-secret-handshake idea ... meanwhile, i am still brewing, stewing, and chewing on an idea. and i will see how this improv class may be my SD friend's concept to life.

suggestions anyone?

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  1. Improv is super fun. I am a theatre major, so I feel qualified to say so. Jump in, don't hold back and bask in the brilliance of what comes out of your mouth. It's enlightening no matter what happens.


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