Monday, January 10, 2011

p|r10: craig ferguson + doctor who = pee my pants

oh, to be a talk show guest ... and if i was on craig's show many weeks ago with matt smith, i would have seen the actual doctor who intro musical. (see geeks of doom for blurb over here) (oh yeah, craig - you know, 'cuz craig and i, we are on a first name basis, right? uhm, not quite. but still, i shall call him craig.) it would have been a kind of double-whammy for my reverb10 day 28: achieve.

p|r10 (or post-reverb10) ... as i have been catching up on my dvr, squeezing in time to watch and/or listen to recorded shows, i realized the jan 7 late late show had 1.5 of my achieve items from reverb 10. (check out a little blurb about the formal airing of the doctor who musical intro over here at geeks of doom.) here they are from reverb10 day 28: achieve -
  • talk show/fake news guest ... be asked to serve as a guest of shows like craig ferguson, conan o'brien, david letterman, chelsea handler, graham norton, ellen degeneres, or stephen colbert, jon stewart, ... (because they are fun! guess i gotta figure out a gig/shtick to get me on a show ...)

  • doctor who ... get a phone call (yes, phone call) that a couple of friends and me can have a little role in a doctor who episode where we get to hang out in the tardis for a little while (because THAT would rock! guess i better make it known to the right people that can make it happen that my friends and me want to be on the show ...)
enjoy an awesome fiber break with craig ferguson (over here)
for ~ 4:12 minutes with a great(!) intro musical
with dancing and singing ... and even the rabbit, the crocodile-alligator, and geoff
"he's the doctor"
"... so beloved by geeks and nerds"
"... intellect and romance triumph
over brute force and cynicism, right doctor?"

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  1. oh i love love love this!! i'm going to youtube to check out the rest of it!!


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