Friday, January 21, 2011

#love2011: the love project mash up ...

(about the love project - over here on the blog of the wonderful mastermind (yvette) of this project and my blurb over here.)

mash-up ... of the love project + operation beautiful. but first, just a wee bit ssp|potb (aka shameless self-promotion | pat on the back). i'm catching up slowly on the weekly love project assignments. my most recent post is over here and was mentioned on the love project (over here). (thanks yvette!)

while i was doing my love project assignment, i came across operation beautiful (over here). and i decided that the love project and operation beautiful go so well together. so in addition to beginning my random placements of happy operation beautiful-themed messages via post-its around the bay area, i decided a little self-acknowledgment is a good thing.

home & hair makeover ... my take on the week 3 assignment on beauty and getting a makeover - a makeover for a tiny part of my home and a haircut. and for the tiny part of my home, i realized this is a little bit of kit's clean your closet change your life!

my uncluttered bedroom entrance
for which i no longer feel droopy when i enter sleep mode!
what a different feel!

my BEFORE longer, straightened hair
among my friend's talking tim gunn and my little fez buddy!

my AFTER shorter, layered, and more movement hair
with my post-nuclear war squirrel t-shirt
and go figure ... i may go shorter in 2-months!
what a difference a haircut makes
and sanjay at visual images (on yelp and their website) makes it fun!

(joanne was right!)


  1. OMG. I love Love LOVE the new haircute! Gorgeous. Simply stunning, my dear:) (And DON'T even think about getting color!!!)


  2. I agree with Joanne! What a GREAT haircut!! Really looks stylish and gorgeous! Thanks for posting!

  3. thanks joanne and yvette! you made my day ...!


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