Wednesday, January 12, 2011

f|break: midweek fiber break

modern family ... one of my must-watch shows is also enjoyed by my friend shiny penny andy. modern family full episodes can be enjoyed over here.

today, i thought about an episode last year after someone in cubeopolis mentioned a recent article - why chinese mothers are superior. not that modern family has a chinese mom, but there is a little girl who is cast as an adopted vietnamese child of a gay couple, cameron and mitchell. and my cubester buddy, l.a.g., has kids that are part asian. anyway, for a quick episode recap, here is an episode recap at the modern family site, or check out the la times blog article for a great little write-up over here. from the blog post -
"Lily is cast in a commercial. Cameron is thrilled, and takes to the role of stage mother with glee. That is, until it turns out the commercial is a wildly offensive Godzilla spoof, complete with caucasian actors doing cartoonish Japanese voiceovers."
(do read the recap for more about the episode)
enjoy your fiber break with cameron and mitchell (over here)
for ~ 2:22 min with lily

"it's not racist, it's satire"

*dots - chinese mom article, asian,
modern family, lily commercial

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