Tuesday, January 4, 2011

f|break: tuesday early morn

comedy ... i thought of louis c.k. (over here and on twitter) after yesterday's little dessert treat post. i remember this little bit below from when i come across louis c.k.'s stand-up special on showtime a couple of years ago. i am hooked on his often relevant reverent irreverence when he shares his story-telling-life-observed-experienced humor. and enjoyed his fx network series, louie, for which one can stream the complete episodes of the first season (until some time in march 2011) on hulu. most recently, louis ck was on jay leno (over here for 3 clips).

enjoy a fiber break with louis c.k. (over here)
for ~ 2:12 minutes on getting a cinnabon
Louis C.K. - Getting a Cinnabon
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"no one's happy in a cinnabon line ..."
"it's a sticky hot bun and it comes with a little tub of hot ..."

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