Friday, January 7, 2011

hipmtfn: team CDWL@edi at healthmonth

team CDWL@edi ... or Caloric Dolls Who Link @ eco dork inn - is part of healthmonth and is the name of our team. (it's an anagram) healthmonth is an on-line game that is -
"... about designing your own health rules, and then trying to stick to them ... provide the points and the motivation. this game is about finding your limits, giving you incentives to make new habits stick, and helping you learn what works for you."
(and described more at healthmonth over here)

to recap ... our team name? an anagram for two rules the founding team members shared in our virgin voyage in december - allow alcoholic drinks and cook dinner. our team pic? a collection of cubeopolis tidbits (image up above). our motivation? healthier lifestyles and thoughts, along with fun and support sprinkled in here and there. our mission? - we are kind of working on it, so for now it goes like this - eat more plants and grains. eat less meat and carbs. have more fun. watch less tv. have fun with anagrams. (and boink?). our requirement? what we have are two "DAILY" actions for team members to partake - DAILY DO smile at least to one stranger. DAILY DON’T roll your eyes.

piqued interest in healthmonth? ... check it out - for free with only 3 rules and a pay-as-you-go of $5/month, $50/year, or get sponsored by someone. think you want to join our team? just let me know.

starting off the new year ... after my first month of healthmonth, i got a foursquare badge for completing my month and headed into the new year smiling. yippee!

what's up with the purple polar bear? ... there are 4 brackets depending on one's level of - yellow, orange, green, and purple. one's level is, in part, dependent on the difficulty levels of the rules chosen. i am looking to make a wholesale transition to get off of health managed meds, so i choose several stretch rules for my rather sedentary-moderate activity level. it doesn't matter if you have 5 or 40 rules - it's the difficulty level for one's own baseline. for instance, this month, i am in the purple bracket with one of my CDWL@edi mates - i have 37 rules, while she has 16 rules.

my rules ... this month i have rules that are partly stretch rules, reminder rules, and habit changing. ALSO, i would like to learn more about eating gluten-free, incorporating more organic foods, learning about nutrition, and supporting local restaurants that incorporate sustainable and organic foods. and in the end, i look forward to a longer and more healthy life.

other companion activities ... healthmonth is one tool i am using toward a more healthly lifestyle. there are 3 other tools i am using that dovetail or complement with healthmonth - betterU, president's challenge, and my fitness pal (though i may return to my food diary).
  • i am re-engaging my efforts as part of the Go Red for Women BetterU program. i had started using the betterMe coaching tool in june but seemed to peter out after about 4 weeks. with healthmonth, i have incorporated rules that support BetterU activities.
  • the president's challenge is part of a cubeopolis effort. given my daily exercise activities, makes sense to join.
  • and finally, with my smartphone, i have been using my fitness pal to log my daily foods and exercise. i had tried my food diary last year. admittedly, there is much about my food diary that i really liked - interface, graphics, report format, and most notably, their search/database of foods. i MAY go back to my food diary, given it also has an app for my phone.
yhd2011* health & body ...
i am staying on track.


  1. glad to see you taking better care of yourself and hope to see you on the central coast....

  2. kaanswfm ... thanks for words of encouragement! and yes ... i'll be down that direction for a weekend retreat!


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