Sunday, January 2, 2011

ella's for new year's brunch

chicken hash, potato scramble, crab omelette, sticky bun, coffee (runneth over), and refilled waters ... yum-yum in my tum-tum at ella's (on ella's site, on yelp, and on a table for two - its list of the best of brunch) in laurel heights (in SF), on the corner of california and presidio, diagonal from the jewish community center (jcc).

new year's brunch ... breakfast buds gadgetman, piragua, and i spent our new year's brunch at ella's counter-seating over-looking the kitchen (as we played our napkin frivolity). wonderful service, friendly people, no elbow-room-smack-downs at the counter, and no rushing. and although no grits (given my hankering for grits), there was the requisite hash for gadgetman, vegan healthy for piragua, and conversation over food for me. (i could eat peanuts dipped in those pre-packaged, non-compostable jelly containers and be happy if the chatter is afoot.) with the menu to the right - let's be clearer about our dishes ...
  • chicken hash ~ served with eggs and toast + wheat bread (doesn't quite do this dish justice given the nom nom nom noises from gadgetman who sat between piragua and me)
  • open faced omelette with dungeness crab, meyer lemon ricotta, grilled asparagus, toasted onion and tarragon + wheat bread
  • potato scramble with curried cauliflower, shitakes, grilled red onion, cilantro and gouda (no photo. tear.)
  • and ... fresh baked sticky bun shared between gadgetman and me because it was the size of a baby's head
to sticky bun or not? ... after one of the servers heard gadgetman and me debating over getting a sticky bun, he said, "... let's turn this talk into action. and new year's resolutions do not start until the business day." SOLD. actually, i'm thinking we eventually would have gotten the sticky bun because piragua might have gotten tired of hearing us debate the matter.

hash him, veggie her, sticky me ...
take us to ella's again!

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