Saturday, January 1, 2011

nutshell: december 2010

(i will first say - "happy new year! and thanks for dropping by." AND secondly, to the breakfast buds ... i'm on my way - hash, grits, and vegan fixes needs to be met! - destination? ella's. first time try!)

recapping the month of december ... because of the random order of topics, for ease of reminiscing-ish, nutshell is my recaps at the end of each month.

(november's nutshell over here)

highlight ...
i have had quite a bit of cubeopolis work occupying days and evenings here and there, and reverb10 (a daily writing dose of reflecting and manifesting) consumed most of my time blogging AND visiting other reverb10'ers to support the effort. here are my reverb10 posts. the 31 topics as follows, in order of each day's author's prompt, and in its only little nutshell/highlight:
  1. one word - reconnect for 2010, enthusiasm for 2011
  2. writing - shiny penny moments
  3. moment - adolfo at los altos art show
  4. wonder - reconnecting and asking why not?
  5. letting go - bye to a gentleman's agreement, hello to creating more space
  6. make - my somewhat perennial cow costume
  7. community - my rave about kit's clean your closet, change your life (or CYCCYL) and looking for 2011 community interested in apprentern, ignorance and knowledge, and environmental professional development
  8. beautifully different - odd bird in
  9. party - breakfast buds
  10. wisdom - write from the heart. my story about a cover transmittal i wrote from stream of consciousness for a position for which i applied
  11. 11 (eleven) things - my list of 11 things to eliminate and how it may change my life
  12. body integration - my experience at my dad's gravesite
  13. action - thoughts about launching environmental professional development
  14. appreciate - my friendship with shiny penny andy
  15. 5 minutes - capturing those 2010 moments to remember
  16. friendship - silver lining friendships preferred. my take on the friendship spectrum (zip-it, bring it on, zip & bring & zip & bring (rinse, repeat) and on my click-it, pause button, check-in approach
  17. lesson learned - saying step aside to mischief-speak and hello to forthright-speak
  18. try - my declaration to have a healthier lifestyle where i stop paying pharmaceuticals for my bad eating and inactivity habits
  19. healing - becoming more involved in things i really enjoy
  20. beyond avoidance - getting my personal and business finances together
  21. future self - a note from me to the me of 5 years from now and to the me of 10 years ago
  22. travel - how and where i have and want to travel
  23. new name - silvia (with a "y") ramirez story
  24. everything's o.k. - story about connectedness via an email exchange with a woman in whose words from a film brought me to tears
  25. photo - story behind the pic of piragua and me jumping as part of our flat emma jaunt around the SF bay with joel (the photog)
  26. soul food - baked egg en cazeuela
  27. ordinary joy - my friend sci-fi guy on the phone call and lunch
  28. achieve - be speechless. this post includes a list of 10 things for 2011 to bring on a "speechless" moment ... tv appearances (funny host talk show, dr. who, reality tv show judge), philanthropist ponies up pennies for me to promote my passion, engagement, president obama moment with my epiphany, old friend random run-in, hear an angel(s) speak to me, billboard moment, vermont leaf-peeping adventure.
  29. defining moment - talk-to-the-hand february 2011 moment that has shaped me
  30. gift - glee gum
  31. core story - i value family & friends . i make lists and mindmap . i reflect, am introspective, and expressive in writing. also a few lessons learned - think twice, be thankful everyday, don't make assumptions - be kind, reach out - there's a hug fest out there)
on transforming ... i read blogs and pass my time in a variety of ways.
on pop culture and nostalgika ... stuff pops in my head and often it is pop culture, nostalgika, or some viral whatever-thingy forwarded to me (and many others).cubeopolis life ... cubeopolis (aka where i work) has been a mix of reminiscing and current activity. this month was a bit light on cubeopolis life activities, however, there were several blog posts with cubeopolis references -
  • on cubeopolis proper ... the reverb 10 defining moment post includes a closing paragraph of a list of compiled other reverb10 cubeopolistic topics and my whirlwind week recap includes whirlwind # 6 of cubeopolis of training.

  • on r|cubicle ... the beginning of (re)cubicle started in november. however, december was light on this topic.
going to happy places ... just because
food stuff ... i socialize over food, and again, didn't post so much on my blog this month. (note to self: roll-over pics posted to facebook and posterous.) of course, i did get my mr. & mrs. miscellaneous ice cream fix and my nibbler's eatery and wine bar fix.

visit with me ... this month i have decided to add a nutshell section some of the sites i have visited - mainly for ease of revisiting and remembering why i even bothered to share something about a site - kind of my accountability web visits, as if someone from cubeopolis were to ask "why did you check out ...?" (and some do - so here is the answer key)
it's january!


  1. Oh my goodness! You have been very busy! What a great wealth of resources... I don't know how you do it all. And thank you for 3 mentions! You are a great supporter!

  2. yvette, you are welcome! i try to do this nutshell thing as i go along through themonth, so i am not scouring posts at the end. also, i saw it at another person's (tyler's) blog as monthly debriefings and thought it was a great idea (although i don't have a nice tidy theme (yet)) - particularly given the randomness of things i'll post.


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