Thursday, December 30, 2010

pre-new year mind-chatter

to be resolute or to not be? ... that is the question. i do not have a profound or a witty or snarky commentary.

i do, however, have a web site shared by my friend (on the right in the picture), affectionately known as ... l.a.g., ha gow, and my-12-year-old-prepube-twin-boy-buddy (because we both enjoy those movies for that 12-year-old-boys and their friends' demographics - and thank goodness we found each other because the conversation is slim pickings with others).

the web site ... greater good science center (GGSC) - the center's about page describes ...

"The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society."

it is located at the university of california, berkeley. though she and i are alum, and we live relatively close to the campus, we have not yet visited the center. she thought of me when she came across this site, and i have thanked her ever since then. and with her being a parent (of twins!), her interest includes GGSC's raising happiness ("science for joyful kids and happier parents") and their newsletter. although i do not have children, i enjoy the newsletter topics, and it gives l.a.g. and me some more to talk about, in addition to our 12-year-old-prepube-boy discourse at cubeopolis and pics of her totally cute girl/boy twins!

in GGSC's recent newsletter (over here) for raising happiness, the author, christine carter, mentioned that about new year's resolutions, she makes them "after contemplation and preparation" and a friend of hers just does it "without a lot of over planning or resolution-making" ... which reminds me of several friends i have, for that matter.

resolutions and declarations ... i thought about this for myself and about others around me. for the most part, my friends are always doing a little something for personal and community improvement throughout the year, and the new year's tradition of resolutions seems to be more about declarations rather than resolutions - declarations that there is already something in the mix that they are going to see through to completion or whatever the next phase. so we'll talk about what it's going to take to finish something up. on resolutions - it is a mixed bag of whether any formal resolutions (aside from some of the traditional resolutions of healthier lifestyle, positive attitude, and more travel) are ever made on-line, on a napkin, or whatever form.

resolutions for me? sorta-kinda ... my game plan - just start with the outcome of reverb10 day 21 (future self) - keep on doing what i'm doing, and get that vision board started. and i'll revisit reverb10 posts to see what my psyche has told me - what a whirlwind, so far!

. poster board . glue stick .
. scissors . magazines .
. vision board .

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